This is a project is a library that will allow programmers to add Fingerprint Technology in their application. It has primarily been designed with embedded systems in mind. This project was started as a result of the little to no resource available on fingerprint verification. Very little technical documentation is available and even less examples of code. The only software available is commercial, not open-source, hard to use, large, detailed, and only available on certain platforms. As a result of this the programmer of this project (me) has set the following goals:

  • Simple, easy to use so a programmer of any skill level will be able to use
  • Small, size wise so it can be used in embedded systems
  • Fast, not much processor power should be needed, again for embedded systems
  • Cross platform compatible - with little to no code editing this project should be able to compile under any platform with little problem
  • Customizable - open source allowing anyone that wants to customize it to be able to